As a European based modern aviation organisation, Malta Medair is able to support your aviation needs.

The airline has its registered offices in Malta, today recognized as one of the most dynamic and respected airline and aircraft registers in Europe, driven by high levels of efficiency, reliability and safety standards. The European based airline has a wealth of experience in all aviation matters and can support you in several services, either directly or through experienced partners (*).

Registration of Aircraft
Malta Medair can help you with the registration of your aircraft in Malta. We have been involved in aircraft registration for several leading airlines operating in Europe, and beyond. We will be able to guide and assist you through the whole [process from pre-registration and inspection to final registration.

Malta offers an efficient and cost-effective aircraft registration governed by the Aircraft Registration Act. This Act applied the provisions of the Cape Town Convention. The Act governs all aspects of aircraft registration, ownership, nationality and aircraft mortgage registration in Malta and brings Maltese law in line to various international conventions in relation to aviation. As a member of the EU , Malta follows EU legislation and has a steady economy and is a stable democracy, where English is officially recognised as an official language. Today the Maltese register grew to some 400 aircraft, in a matter of a few years.

Obtaining a Maltese AOC
The process to obtain an AOC in Malta is rigorous as the authority is committed to ensure high standards and compliance with EU regulations. The authority is the Malta Civil Aviation Directorate, within Transport Malta , ensures that the applicant, who must have a registered office in Malta, has the organisation and the right management to sustain the scale of the proposed operation. A Maltese AOC is an internationally recognised (EU OPS), and deemed to be of a very high standard in the industry.

Malta MedAir has a team of professionals who will be able to advise you and guide you through the process to obtain an AOC.

Operations and Aircraft Manuals
We offer continuous assistance to update aircraft and operations manuals as and when required.  This could be as a part of the application  process for a Maltese AOC, or as a separate ongoing service and activity.  We can offer the full process including the future regular updates and revisions of manuals, together with the printing and distribution of manuals in paper or electronic format.

Management Consultancy Services
Malta MedAir boasts of number of seasoned experts in various areas of airline management, including planning, operations, sales and marketing, training and finance.  We can support you in any stage or phase of your airline operation when we will put all our expertise at your disposal.

Hosting of Aircraft on Malta MedAir AOC
Malta MedAir offers the perfect solution for aircraft owners and Lessors that want to charter or commercialise their aircraft.  We can offer an Aircraft Operating Agreement to host your aircraft on our AOC and manage and operate the aircraft on your behalf. Our experienced staff can take care of all the essential tasks, while always maintaining the highest standards.

We work in accordance with strict international regulations and we hold an Operator’s Certificate (AOC) issued by Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate, a member of EASA. Malta MedAir offers you operational experience and you can rest assured your aircraft will achieve optimum performance and safety standards.

CAMO services*
We can undertake your tasks to subcontract all CAMO services to a local supplier.  We will take over the process to ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled to safeguard the safety of your aircraft and to meet authorities’ airworthiness regulations.

We can support your recruitment drive to find the perfect candidates for all the positions within operations or in all areas of administration.  We can issue calls, pre-screen candidates and undertaken pre-selection, undertake interviews and even the final selection on your behalf.

We work with highly reputable training organisations who have highly experienced aviation professionals who are current and qualified to deliver the right training.   Simulator training for A320 is also possible in Malta.  These approved training organisations also offer management courses for Nominated & Key persons and auditors.

Multi-lingual and omni-channel customer service *
The service offers a 450+ seat contact centre that caters for over 15+ languages across different channels such as calls, emails, chat and social media. The Contact Centre is fully equipped to manage flight reservations, booking of ancillary services, as well as ticketing on behalf of airlines with exposure to the major booking systems such as SABRE, AMADEUS, and GALILEO.

Crisis centre and disruption management services *
Immediate emergency response is offered to airlines in the case of flight schedule changes, cancellations or any other crisis situations.

Airline revenue accounting *
By providing this back-office service we allow airlines to focus on their main services while providing a cost-effective solution that will help the airline obtain fast revenue recovery.  Services include processing of sales or flown transactions, as well as processing of refunds – a complete 360-degree solution that allows for a successful and consistent revenue accounting process and customized reporting functions.

Airline representation *
We can offer a network of professional airline representatives supporting airlines at point of sale. They have today become the customer interface for various renowned airlines in different regions, offering sales, marketing, ticketing and travel advisory services for both local and overseas markets with the aim of strengthening each partners’ presence in the various markets by selling their flights, and promoting their routes, services and products.

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