Malta MedAir expands its Airline to Airline service offers

Malta MedAir is a young European airline which can boast of a wealth of experience in airline management.

The airline has its registered offices in Malta, today recognized as one of the most dynamic and respected airline and aircraft registers in Europe. The Malta aircraft register, with over 470 aircraft registered in the last years, has seen consistent and steady growth as a result of its global reputation of high levels of efficiency, reliability and stringent safety standards. Malta offers an efficient and cost-effective aircraft registration jurisdiction that is governed by the Aircraft Registration Act that applies the provisions of the
Cape Town Convention.

The airline is today offering a number Airline to Airline services that could be of interest to other airlines and aviation suppliers who are looking at operational changes that may be driven through a desire to make
their operation leaner, more efficient or as a result of a planned expansion. 

Malta MedAir can offer a variety of services including the registration of Aircraft on the Maltese Aviation Register or it can even handle the full application for a Maltese AOC. The airline has been involved in
aircraft registration for several leading airlines operating in Europe and elsewhere and is able to guide and assist airlines through the whole process from pre-registration and inspection, to final registration. Our
team of professionals manage the full process in applications for a Maltese AOC, which is internationally recognised (EU OPS), and deemed to be of a very high standard in the industry.

The airline also flies and operates an Airbus A320 that is available for ACMI, charters or other flight operations, including cargo, and can also offer other services including, Ferry Flights, Training and Recruitment, Updates to Operations and Flight Manuals and specific Airline Consultancy.
A full list of our services may be found at
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A new airline member for ERA as Malta Medair joins association

Malta MedAir joins ERA (European Regions Airline Association), giving a total of 54 airlines in membership.

The carrier joins ahead of ERA’s first major event of 2020, the Regional Airline Conference, taking place in Malta this spring.

Owned by the Government of Malta, Malta MedAir provides a range of services to aviation and non-aviation business customers in Europe and beyond. Based out of Malta Luqa International, the Maltese airline was initially established in 2018 as an aviation management company. This is still at the core of its business function, in addition to now providing ACMI and charters, as well as administrative support to airlines.

The ERA Regional Airline Conference – the association’s annual major spring event – will be the first the airline will attend as an official member. Taking place in Malta next year on 25–26 March, the high-profile conference will bring together more than 250 representatives from ERA’s diverse range of members, including airline, airport, manufacturer, suppliers and aviation services. The event, which provides both networking opportunities and thought-provoking conference sessions, will in 2020 focus solely on green and sustainable connectivity.

ERA Director General Montserrat Barriga says: “We are very pleased to finish 2019 welcoming another airline into ERA membership. ERA provides a strong and unified voice for European aviation and we look forward to working with Malta MedAir in the new year and beyond, further strengthening the voice of the airlines providing essential connectivity in all regions of Europe.”
Paul Bugeja, Executive Chairman of Malta MedAir, adds: “The smaller the airline, and the bigger its ambition is to grow, the more important it becomes to be part of such a well organised association representing key players and partners in European aviation. ERA has already offered its support to our airline, even before officially joining, and Malta MedAir is looking forward to forming part of the association, not only to receive but also to contribute to the consolidation and growth of our industry.”
For more information, please contact Becky Taylor, Editor Corporate Communications, on +44 (0)1276 485582, +44 (0)7713 984792 or by email at [email protected]. To find out more about ERA’s Regional Airline Conference 2020, go to the ERA website.
Photo featuring ERA Director General Montserrat Barriga and Malta MedAir Executive Chairman Paul Bugeja.

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The joint venture ?Six West Malta? fosters innovation in the aircraft leasing industry by providing a secure alternative to traditional lessor-lessee agreements.?

Six West, a world-leading provider of flight operations services to aircraft lessors, airlines and private aviation, and Malta MedAir, a Maltese airline wholly owned by the Government of Malta, have established a new joint venture called Six West Malta.

The aim of the joint venture is to position Malta as an attractive jurisdiction for the aircraft leasing industry through the provision of both a niche service which optimises aircraft use in between leases and ACMI services.

Placing aircraft on Six West Malta’s AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) enables aircraft lessors greater access to worldwide lease placements in destinations which currently present unfavourable levels of risk within the prevailing lessor-lessee business model.

Dany Pennington, CEO of Six West Malta, said, “We are looking forward to working with Malta MedAir and together we offer a compelling alternative to the established status-quo in the lessor-lessee relationship. Lessors now have options to securely leverage the full commercial value of their assets and reduce the need for long-term preservation whilst lessees can look forward to accessing more modern and efficient aircraft than previously possible”.

Paul Bugeja, Executive Chairman of Malta MedAir said that ‘’The company is embarking on this joint venture with a determination to succeed in this new, untapped market.  Although the market offers exciting opportunities, we are aware that success is dependent on hard work, perseverance, commitment, and above all professionalism. I am confident that the multi-skilled, experienced and proficient Six West Malta team will ensure that all stakeholders stand to benefit from the joint venture’s aviation services”.

About Six West

Six West is a world-leading provider of support services to aircraft lessors, airlines and private aviation.

An aircraft operator of choice, Six West is responsive and predictive, supporting lease transitions, deliveries, demonstrations and distressed recovery operations.

Its ground-breaking AOCs, structured for the evolving demands of today’s global leasing industry, provide solutions for previously unavailable lease destinations and unrivalled levels of asset protection.

With offices in Dublin, Cork, Malta, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands, and a connected, multi-national team, the company has strategically positioned itself to provide its services to a dynamic and global client portfolio.

About Malta MedAir

Malta MedAir is a European based airline registered in Malta under the name of Malta Air Travel Co Ltd.  The airline flies under a Maltese AOC and provides a range of services to aviation and non-aviation business customers in Europe and beyond.

Currently, the airline’s activities include ACMI and charters, for short and long term, plus administrative and management support to airlines and other aviation-related providers.

Our mission is to be the airline company that anticipates, understands and satisfies our clients’ aviation-related needs.  Our vision is to offer our clients the highest level of dedicated attention, professionalism, and flexibility in all aviation-related matters.

In its relatively short existence, Malta Med Air has established itself as a reliable and professional partner to an increasing number of aviation partners.